Accessible hot tubs

Warning, this post may contain images and information that will fill you with wanderlust and cause you to book a holiday

I think most of us would agree that when we think of 'a holiday' we want something a bit special, a bit of an upgrade on our own home and day-to-day experiences. For me, as a water baby, that means a swimming pool or hot tub (and a garden to be honest)!

Whilst swimming pools at many of the properties on Accomable frequently have a hoist, or ramp access, hot tubs are the age-old accessible misfit and due to their design, accessibility isn't easily solved. A mobile hoist can solve many a conundrum in what may seem to be an inaccessible situation, but the hot tub is an outlier. With a solid outer shell, unless raised up, there's no space for the hoist underneath and as our colleague Chris describes it "no matter how much prosecco you've had and how long the run-up, it still doesn't reach the necessary point and I'm left spinning around the patio like a semi-naked disabled Tarzan".

So, let's not leave you with that image in your head for too long and introduce you to some accessible hot tubs!

Daisybank Cabin

Relax in the peaceful rural surroundings of the Peak District National Park in a wooden cabin at Hoe Grange. Daisybank Cabin is home to a lovely wooden deck with outdoor furniture and that all too-elusive hot tub with hoist access!

Hot tub at Daisybank Cabin

Hot tub and hoist at Daisybank Cabin

Hoe Grange is also home to another of our favourite pieces of equipment, a Boma 7, an off-road electric wheelchair that you can hire to explore the surrounding rugged terrain.

Off-road Boma 7 at Hoe Grange

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Brickhouse Cottages

Out of the 8 luxury accessible cottages available (more to come by the end of 2017!), 5 of them have hot tubs with hoist access. And not just any hoist, track hoists! The team at Brickhouse Cottages have designed and built the cottages themselves and their ingenious solution is to host a track hoist on a wooden frame that sits over the hot tub, in essence it's a pergola.

Chestnut hot tub

Chestnut hot tub montage

Hot tub and the track hoist at Chestnut Cottage, Brickhouse Cottages

Accessible cottages with hoist access to a hot tub:

Centre Algarve

Whilst we're pretty fond of our home nation, it's not that well-renowned for it's sunny weather, well not reliable sunshine anyway. So why not head to Portugal to soak up the sunshine and experience exceptional accessibility at Centre Algarve. There are 14 rooms in total, in a variety of set-ups to accommodate different family sizes and groups. Every bathroom is adapted for a variety of needs, and there are lots of communal amenities such as a sensory garden and a swimming pool with hoist access. And guess what, it also has a hoist to access the hot tub!

Centre Algarve hot tub

Hot tub with hoist access

Centre Algarve swimming pool

The swimming pool at Centre Algarve also has hoist access

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Well if that hasn't got you ready to book a break we don't know what will!

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