Meet the traveller: Brittany

Here at Accomable, we know you love browsing our listings to find the accessible holiday destination that’s right for you. We also know that when it comes to choosing the perfect accessible property, the devil really is in the detail - so we’re bringing you more of it.

We decided to talk to some of the people who’ve already used Accomable to turn their accessible travel dreams into reality. In this blog we chat to AbleThrive founder Brittany Dejean, who had a great time with her dad in Madrid.

Hello Brittany, can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

I'm originally from outside of Philadelphia but now based in San Francisco. I’m the founder and executive director of AbleThrive, an organisation that empowers families impacted by disabilities with the resources they need to thrive. Accomable is one of our partners. And my father is a wheelchair user.

And where did you stay?

We stayed at the accessible apartment in Madrid near Atocha. We were there for 5 days at the end of June 2016.

Accessible apartment in central Madrid

Why did you decide to book a stay there?

My dad was always passionate about travel, but after his spinal cord injury almost 18 years ago, he thought he'd never really travel much again. Before his injury, he travelled to Madrid a few times and fell in love with the city. Once my dad was open to travelling again, I knew we had to go back to Madrid and thankfully Accomable had the perfect place for us!

How was the property adapted to meet your needs and was it suitable?

The apartment was fantastic. It was on the first floor with 2 separate entrances. All 5 of us travelling together could stay in the same apartment. The doors were wide enough, the bathroom had a roll-in shower, and my dad was able to wheel under the sinks. It had everything we needed.


Bathroom in the apartment

What did you get up to during your stay?

We did an accessible tour of Toledo through Accessible Madrid, explored the city and reconnected with family friends my dad hadn't seen for almost 2 decades.

Brittany and her father in Madrid

We also managed to host friends for dinner a couple of nights which saved us having to find somewhere to eat out every night.

What advice would you give to someone planning a stay in Madrid?

Madrid is an incredible city to explore. We recommend going out to explore, checking out Retiro Park, the Prado Museum and el Plaza Mayor.

We also recommend having a local SIM card with data so you can keep track of where you are on your maps. If you can get out of the city, check out Toledo and the Valley of the Fallen. We also 100% recommend booking tours and assistance through Accessible Madrid (including airport transport). They are incredible!


Accessible Madrid's accessible transportation

Where have you got your eye on for your next stay?

We’d go back to Madrid in a heartbeat. Other than that, we're considering other cities in France and Italy for our next trip(s). Taking the trip was scary at first for my dad, but thanks to a lot of planning and teamwork, everything worked out great and we're ready to do it again.

Sounds like you had an amazing trip with your dad Brittany, and we're really pleased that everything went to plan and you're already thinking about your next trip! We can't wait to see where you head next

If you'd like to book a stay at the accessible apartment in Madrid, click here, and for more accommodation options in Madrid, click here.

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