Meet the traveller: Kate

Here at Accomable, we know you love browsing our listings to find the accessible holiday destination that’s right for you. We also know that when it comes to choosing the perfect accessible property, the devil really is in the detail - so we’re bringing you more of it.

We decided to talk to some of the people who’ve already used Accomable to turn their accessible travel dreams into reality. In this blog we chat to Kate Hannaby, who traveled to Cornwall with her partner earlier this year.

Hello, can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Hi, I'm Kate. I suffered an arterial embolism three years ago, which resulted in a below knee amputation. Suddenly I was thrown into a world of uncertainty and change - my home was adapted and I had to learn new ways of doing everyday tasks, including driving and going on holiday. Finding Accomable was a real breakthrough as it made me feel less nervous about travelling as a relatively new amputee.

Which property did you stay at, and when?

I stayed at the King Arthur’s Arms in Tintagel, Cornwall (UK) for 4 nights in March 2016.

Why did you decide to book a stay there?

I went there for a long weekend with my partner, who has always loved Cornwall, to celebrate his 50th birthday. After browsing the listings on Accomable, I decided on the King Arthur's Arms in part due to the fantastic wet room and the comfortable and clean look of the rooms.
alt King Arthur's Arms, wet room in the accessible room

How was the property adapted to meet your needs and was it suitable?

There are several rooms in the property adapted specifically for those with mobility difficulties. Our room was on the ground floor and adjacent to the car park, so it didn't have a great view but at least it was easily accessible. It included an en suite wet room which made bathing extremely easy for me, as well as electric recliner chairs and an adjustable bed. There was ample space in the room for moving around, either in my wheelchair or using my prosthesis. The bar and restaurant area was quite spacious, but the public ladies loo was not very wheelchair accessible, and the ramp to get into the public areas was quite steep - someone who self-propels in a wheelchair might struggle with it. Overall the property met my needs perfectly, and the staff - particularly Jerome and Del - were extremely welcoming and went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable.

Sounds like you picked well! What did you get up to during your stay?

We had a lovely time with outstanding weather for March. Cornwall is a wonderful place to visit if you are able-bodied like my partner, who managed to pick up some sunburn on Tintagel Beach.
alt Kate and her partner enjoying the sea views in Cornwall

If you are disabled or have mobility issues, it’s not the easiest place to navigate despite the beaches and stunning scenery. There are a lot of steep cliffs and uneven rocky paths, which can make for a lot of sitting at the top of the cliffs looking out of the water. This is still lovely but can get a bit dull!

The disabled parking facilities in Cornwall are not great - many of them are away from interesting focal points and charge disabled drivers. There is also no radar key system in Cornwall, and when we were out I found myself dreading having to visit the loo. We still found a few reasonably accessible places, including Crackington Haven and Tintagel Castle which is accessible via an excellent footpath at Tintagel Church. It was a bit hilly, but I was rewarded with a nice bench and a stunning view of the castle.

What advice would you give to someone planning a stay at the King Arthur's Arms or in Cornwall in general?

If you're planning a trip to Cornwall, do some forward planning with regards to places that are easily accessible - I didn't do that and found myself extremely frustrated at feeling somewhat excluded. We weren't there for very long, and didn't have a particular plan for our stay, but I would recommend Crackington Haven and Tintagel. Padstow is easily accessible with no hills and a car park at harbour level, but even off-peak it's incredibly busy.
alt Padstow

Where have you got your eye on for your next stay?

I’d love to see The Northern Lights or go on a cruise. Since losing my leg, I work for myself part time so that I can put my health first, but that means money is a bit tight and there isn’t much spare for holidays. I’ve seen quite a bit of Europe so if I could go anywhere, I’d be trawling Accomable to book trips to Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Thanks for sharing your experience in Cornwall Kate! We can't wait to help you book your next stay, and I know you've been in touch recently to talk to us about Scotland so hopefully we can help you find somewhere equally great there.

If you'd like to book a stay at King Arthur's Arms, click here.

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