Meet the traveller: Kaz

Here at Accomable, we know you love browsing our listings to find the accessible holiday destination that’s right for you. We also know that when it comes to choosing the perfect accessible property, the devil really is in the detail - so we’re bringing you more of it.

We decided to talk to some of the people who’ve already used Accomable to turn their accessible travel dreams into reality. In this blog we chat to Kaz Laljee, who stayed at Croft Bungalow in the Peak District for a holiday with his family.

Hello, can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Hi, I'm Kaz, 38-year-old founder of Positive About MS, an organisation which takes a can-do approach to Multiple Sclerosis. After being diagnosed with primary progressive MS, I retired from my senior management role at Tesco. Portrayal of MS in the media at the time was discouraging, but I was determined not to let the diagnosis end my career and in 2015 I created Soc-Med Ltd, a Digital Marketing Agency. I live in Manchester with my wife and our 4-year-old son.

Which property did you stay at, and when?

We stayed at Croft Bungalow for a short break in July 2016. In the days before Accomable I’d spend hours and hours googling ‘accessible accommodation’ trying to find something suitable - it was very frustrating and eventually I'd want to give up! So it was great to be able to just give the Accomable team my requirements and know that my search for an accessible property was in safe hands. After seeing a range of options, Croft Bungalow seemed like the best fit. We picked a date and crossed our fingers for amazing weather, which is luckily what we ended up with!

Kaz Laljee Kaz enjoying time at Croft Bungalow and local area

Why did you decide to book a stay at Croft Bungalow?

We decided on Croft Bungalow because it had everything we wanted in an accessible holiday location. It was close to activities and days out, it had beautiful views, and the adaptions meant that even in my scooter I could play safely with my young son as he ran around the lovely garden. The whole experience was great, and everybody we dealt with, both at Accomable and Croft Bungalow, couldn't have been more helpful and friendly.

That's great to hear! How was the property adapted to meet your needs?

For us, Croft Bungalow was as near perfect as you could get, given the beautiful location and the fact that you can drive there from Manchester in under two hours. The property is completely accessible but doesn't feel clinical in any way - it has the personal touch of a holiday home that just happens to be accessible. Even the smaller details, such as the easy-to-use instruction booklets for the TV and dishwasher really add to that homely feel and make your stay so relaxed and comfortable. I thought they’d thought of everything, but incredibly the owners Steve and Ruth were telling us about their plans to make the property even more user-friendly in the future!

Sounds like a stress-free trip! What did you get up to during your stay?

Thanks to the great weather we spent a lot of time sitting in the garden, which we just loved to do. Steve and Ruth put together some amazing information packs with details of the surrounding area, including places we could visit and the best local takeaways. Between that and a bit of our own research we had a great time driving through the beautiful countryside and visiting Chatsworth House, Bakewell and Buxton.
Chatsworth House Chatsworth House

What advice would you give to someone planning a stay at Croft Bungalow?

The most important advice I could give to somebody thinking about a stay at Croft Bungalow is. . .stop thinking about it and just do it! The location, accessibility, and the whole experience is fantastic. They have a barbecue there, so you might want to bring stuff to make use of it if you're planning a summer trip - it might also be worth stocking up on a few days of general supplies at a local supermarket en route as it is lovely and rural. Phone reception isn’t great at the bungalow but there is free Wi-Fi and a landline.

Where have you got your eye on for your next stay?

This won’t surprise anybody reading this, but we'd actually really love to go back for another holiday at Croft Bungalow! The accessibility is great and location-wise it's so breathtaking and beautiful. We absolutely loved it, and can’t wait to return. Bungalows are a good fit for me, so it would be interesting to explore the listings at Accomable and look for properties with similar accessibility features. I'll be talking about Croft Bungalow on Twitter and Facebook at @PositiveAboutMS - our followers love to hear about positive accessible holiday experiences.
Croft Bungalow The garden, BBQ and view at Croft Bungalow

We're so pleased you had a great holiday, and can't wait to help you book your next stay Kaz, thanks for telling us about this year's trip!

If you'd like to book Croft Bungalow, click here. You can also read about CEO Srin's stay at Croft Bungalow, or hear from owners Steve and Ruth!

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