"Yo Srin, what's that for?" - The shower chair

Welcome to the fourth edition of "Yo Srin, what's that for?". This week, I'll be explaining the purpose of a shower.

If you're new to this column, to explain some basic background; I was inspired to start it after a recent trip to Singapore where I showed a good friend my hotel room to explain how an adapted room was different to usual rooms in a hotel. She pointed at my hoist and said "Yo Srin, what's that for?". I realised that if a good friend who knew me for many years had no idea, it was likely many others had no idea what these vital bits of equipment or building adaptations were for.

Last time, I covered the mobile hoist; and this week I'll be covering the purpose of a shower chair.

1. What is it?

A shower chair is the name of a category of chairs of varying forms and types that at the most basic level, allows a user to sit down safely while taking a shower.

Shower chairs can range from simple and fixed seats to sophisticated wheelchairs that have commodes and adjustable seating functions.

2. What are the different types of shower chairs?

a) The shower chair (simple seat)

At its most basic, its just a simple and study waterproof chair that a user can use when in the shower.

b) The shower chair (wall mounted)

In many adapted hotel rooms, you might also find the shower chair foldable and wall mounted. Such seats can sometimes be studier and easier for people transferring manually from a wheelchair.

c) The shower chair (commode)

The shower chair can also be a vital tool for individuals like myself who are unable to sit on a toilet either. So to get around this problem, shower chairs can have a commode. This allows the user to be wheeled from toilet to shower without any further lifting or transferring.

Shower chair commodes also have further sub-varieties that include things like reclining backrests, headrests or larger wheels for self-propulsion.

d) The shower chair (portable travel commode)

Its also possible to find shower chair commodes that are collapsible, foldable and able to pack into relatively small bags for travel purposes.

The GoesAnywhere Shower Chair is an example of such a chair that is designed for travel and portability.

3. What makes a shower chair?

This depends on the type of shower chair and its purpose. But ultimately, any good shower chair has to be sturdy, water-proof, flexible and lightweight.

4. Does everyone requiring an adapted room need a shower chair?

Mostly yes. Virtually everyone with a mobility issue when using a shower will need a shower chair of some kind.

At Accomable, we have one of the largest collections of properties that have a shower chair.

If you'd like more information on what makes a good mobile hoist, feel free to get in touch with us at hello@accomable.com.

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