The Accomable Team’s Favourite Travel Apps

It’s no secret that the team here at Accomable are a big fans of enabling technology, and travel. So what happens when you combine technology enabling travel and ask the team the question “tell me your favourite travel apps and why”?

Shona, Head of Operations

I asked the question so I guess I should go first. I use loads of apps for travel (maybe I'm addicted?) so it was pretty difficult to pick my favourite two. But I’ve gone for Skyscanner and Trail Wallet.

Skyscanner is a great app (and website) for checking the cheapest flight options with loads of filters depending on if you want a direct flight, the times of days you want to travel and preferred airlines. I managed to get a direct return flight with Emirates to Dubai (from London) for close to £300 in January, just one of my successes! alt

And Trail Wallet is a great way for money-savvy travellers to keep track of their spending when they’re on holiday. I often take longer trips with multiple destinations and it’s a useful way to manage your spending on longer trips with lots of activities. It was built by long-term travellers and travel bloggers Never Ending Voyage, and they are constantly updating it based on user feedback so it feels like a travelling community-built app.

Katie, PR guru

I am a bit of an ‘over-planner’, so while I love the idea of spontaneity in travel, you’ll generally find me glued to places like SeatGuru (no one wants that non-reclining seat on a 12 hour flight!) and TripAdvisor.

I don’t think it’s an app but backpacking around India and South-east Asia, I found the Man in Seat 61 to be a brilliant resource. It’s a website dedicated solely to train travel around the world, and for every country details clearly and methodically how to book tickets; what the different classes of cabin look like; and the kind of prices you can expect to pay. I also love travelling by sleeper train generally, so it’s great for travel inspiration - using it, I realised I could travel overnight from Turkey to Georgia (the country not the state), from Berlin to Paris, and from London to Glasgow - all brilliant journeys. It's not the prettiest website, but very functional.

Srin, Chief

As a creative person, I’m naturally pretty disorganised so I need apps that help me to overcome this. There’s nothing worse that turning up at the airport and not being able to find your booking reference or flight number.

I like WorldMate. For disorganised people like me it’s perfect, you forward your email travel confirmation to them and the app schedules everything for you and creates an itinerary, and has it stored so you can have the details at your fingertips whenever you need it. I have also been trying to use AccessNow to check access, but it’s still early days for this one.

Chris, Head of Property Recruitment

I don’t actually use apps all that much when I travel. But the ones I do use are all Google-related. Google itself is great, as is the Google Maps app, both for information and walking routes around new towns.

I have also used Google Translate in the past as it has quite a nifty audio feature that allows you to speak a phrase in English, is instantly translated and then the app speaks it back to you in your chosen language.

Uel, Property Project Manager

Like Chris, I don’t use many apps for travel, but there are two that I do use a lot. XE Currency gives me instant access to current exchange rates. It’s really helpful when you’re dealing with lots of different countries and currencies, and even though individual exchange bureaus charge different fees, XE gives a useful approximate value.

And reiterating Chris’ previous one, Google Translate is really helpful. Sure, it doesn’t always get the direct translation’s sentence construction right but it’s been a life-saver with a lot of the non-English travel destinations. And it also breaks down barriers and enables communication worldwide.

Are there any apps you use that we haven't mentioned, let us know about them. You can find out more about our team here.

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